2ugly2hold(2U2H) is a Norwegian Independent Record Label founded by Glenn Tvedt & Rod Mella & Q-Bone.  We are a company that specializes in the newer methods of Music Production, Recording, Mixing  and Mastering, so as to seamlessly place its songs directly into the current industry rotation.  Further more, we handle the creation of full records, singles, remixes & mixes for EPs, radio, internet, television and film. Though we tend to focus on Hip-Hop and Electronica, we have created projects in the genres of Reggae, R&B, Soul, Functional, Classical...so 2U2H has no hesitiation in reference to musical genre.

In 2007, 2U2H released it's first record "The Album 2007", resulting in praise spreading from Bergen and Fair City out beyond the borders of Norway.  In 2008, 2U2H placed a single on the extremely popular TV Show "Hitmakers".  In turn building its reputation and developing a high radio rotation.  In 2011, 2U2H won the "Kingsize's Rapvalg" with the song "Keep On Moving".

Currently we have over 10 years of musical experience, resulting in the development of a portfolio that has vastly expanded throughout the diveristy of our productions.  Staying competitive in NOT ONLY the production of Norwegian but ALSO foreign artists . 

2ugly2hold Artist Roster:  Opium Pottersfield(New York), Prodigal Sunn(Wu-tang), Lee Kid and G. Swiss(New York), DZ(Winner of Kingsize "Fuck Deg" Remix), Paul Bernard, Emvy, Bishop, Iza, FaLow(Louisiana), Forza, Delario, Cloudy, Miss L, Misty, Down 4 whatever, Bombtreath, Tramas, Fettnok, Luguber, Blind Devotion of No Consequence, Tytekved, Undergrunnen(Flex), Revolver Sessions, Tigris Night, Clinch, Candykings, Krakow, Moonling, November Home Coming, Lyd, Lucartive(Con-Chapter) Totec Tribe, Damp, Bergen Beach Band, Forca, Gest, Kingsley, Patrick, Suzie and The Snipers, I.O.U.  

Keep an eye out for the 2ugly2hold duo, Glenn Other Tvedt and Jørgen Falck. Because through the stepping stones of their collabrative talent, hard work and progress, they are creating a path to a bright future...not only for them...but for the team as a whole! 

New tunes and beats are always available for download.